Free webdesign
It can not be, is it really free? (Were is the scam?)

Slowly time has come to open the Factuurexpress web design store.
Not that I sell anything jet, but some products are moving forward to the
point paying is just better as free. I should by then have a fully featured
store here. Meanwhile we make you a free web site that rocks.

It's  a matter of giving me permission........
Searching the web
for a company
profile that will
compliment your
own are you?

To give you a good
idea of who you are
I made the About
you page about you.

My first demand is that you
have a real business, not some
promising future project , I only
make real websites for real
products and services.

I put together a page explaining
the service I would love to
supply you with because thats
exactly what you want to read


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