Free webdesign
It can not be, is it really free? (Were is the scam?)

Slowly time has come to open the Factuurexpress web design store.
Not that I sell anything jet, but some products are moving forward to the
point paying is just better as free. I should by then have a fully featured
store here. Meanwhile we make you a free web site that rocks.

It's  a matter of giving me permission........
Searching the web
for a company
profile that will
compliment your
own are you?

To give you a good
idea of who you are
I made the About
you page about you.

My first demand is that you
have a real business, not some
promising future project , I only
make real websites for real
products and services.

I put together a page explaining
the service I would love to
supply you with because thats
exactly what you want to read



About your business
Searching the web for a company profile that will compliment your own are you?

You have to tell the world about your business or it wont survive, your customers want support,
you give they take. If you don't they don't.

Your real chance to share your vision and mission statement.

If you have a really small company you still had people searching for your (nonexistent) website
for years. You did no advertising, they didn't find a single page, you screwed up!

Who cares what you sell? If you refuse to show it to me I won't buy it!

It's a common thought of my customers that I can make their website without them.
Please be amused by this now so you don't have to torture me later.

Gaby de Wilde

Beun 19
The Netherlands

About your business


Order me around?
Use this email adress to contact me, please include a little information about you company, products and services.
or (if I am online) contact me on yahoo: Or bitwisechat:

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