Building  working websites for free  
My first demand is that you have a real business, not some promising future project , I only make
real websites for real products and services.

My second demand is that you will put some effort into actually finishing your project.

And NR 3: You will learn "it's you" who needs to service "your customers" NOT ME. I can assist
were I can but as soon as I'm servicing your customers alone I will abandon your project.
You still think I should start working on your website as soon as possible

Send me a email (I will test and record your response-time) or use bitwisechat and contact
Factuurexpress (I will test and record your response-time)

After sending the mail you can start working on the photo's (we will need), your personal  & company
history product information and if delivery is available you will offer me a recent price list.

Sins I work for free I am allowed to make the demands above, this should also explain
why I am the best available. Now go, divide it by price tag, and compare me to others.


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